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669 was once again in Cleveland Scene Magazine

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Crispin Glover 2009 Interview

Once again, Crispin Glover hung out on The 669 Show for over an hour November 21st and he definitely enjoyed the time spent talking with Craig Callander and the 669 Gang.  He was very candid and also answered several questions from the callers to the program throughout the night. 


Crispin Glover Sampler

Crispin Glover Interview Only

Crispin Glover Full Show Track 01

Crispin Glover Full Show Track 02

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Article from Cleveland Scene Magazine

Crispin Glover was in town Friday to screen two of his films at the Cineamtheque and do some early plugging for his upcoming role in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

He stopped by the WCSB 89.3 FM studios to appear on 669, a longrunning cult show that plays like an underground, heavy-metal version of The Howard Stern Show.

Glover talked to host Sweetass Sassafrass until the wee hours. The actor appeared on 669 the last time he was in town, in May 2008.

“He said he doesn't like doing many radio interviews,” says Sassafrass, also known as Craig Callander. “But he [said he] would do 669 because he enjoyed the listening audience reaction so much and felt that it was a great outlet to discuss what he is trying to accomplish in his films with people who ‘get it.’ He had been up since 5 a.m., but he still stayed in studio until 2:45.”






Crispin Glover 2008 Interview


Sweetass Sassafras and the 669 Radio Show were lucky enough to have Crispin Hellion Glover on April 26, 2008; Saturday early-morning on WCSB 89.3FM Cleveland. Here is a few photos of Sweetass and the actor, painter, filmmaker, author, and musician.

Crispin has appeared in numerous films including Back to the Future, River's Edge, Wild at Heart, Charlie's Angels, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Beowulf, and most recently showing his film What Is It?.

Crispin also created the followup to What Is It? with It Is Fine: Everything Is Fine in 2007.


04.26.2008 with Crispin Glover - Track 01

04.26.2008 with Crispin Glover - Track 02

04.26.2008 with Crispin Glover - Track 03

04.26.2008 with Crispin Glover - Track 04

04.26.2008 with Crispin Glover - Track 05



Crispin Glover Interview (Scene Magazine)

The link no longer exists

Actor Crispin Glover joined 89.3-FM WCSB's 669 late-night radio show when he was in town to promote his movie What Is It? He discussed the film industry, his personal and professional life, and Cleveland's alternative scene for more than two hours. The entire show is archived at


Crispin Glover Interview (The Plain Dealer)

Iconoclastic actor and filmmaker Crispin Glover saved some stories exclusively for his recent appearance at the Cleveland Cinematheque, where he screened his feature "What Is It?" and narrated "Crispin Hellion Glover's Big Slide Show." But those who missed him can catch his two hours on Craig Callander's "669" show on Cleveland State's WCSB FM/89.3, archived at


Crispin Glover Interview (The Free Times)

Actor/filmmaker/wildman Crispin Glover, in town last week for a screening of his film What Is It? at the Cinematheque, visited WCSB 89.3's studio for a long interview with Craig Callander of the 669 Radio Show. Callander says that several callers tried unsuccessfully to get Glover to explain the deal with his infamous 1987 Late Night appearance ("I can kick!"). "He's eccentric, I guess you could say," says Callander. "There's a solid foundation of weirdness there. But he's all about eliciting reactions from people." The entire interview is available online at




Official Crispin Glover Website



(above - Sweetass and Crispin Glover)


(above - WCSB's Radio Host Dricore, Sweetass, and Crispin Glover)


(above - Sweetass Sassafras on the left and Crispin Glover on the right)



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